Tech Fair Sessions Timetable

Tech Fair Sessions Timetable

A showcase of cutting-edge technologies in diabetes.

The International Fair of New Technologies in Diabetes at ATTD brings you the latest discoveries and technological advances in the field. We showcase the pipeline of start-ups, research centers and companies, so they can get your feedback, and work with you to speed up development and to improve their innovations.

Check out the companies in the ATTD Tech Fair 2023!

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Company Name Date Time Location Session Details
Balance Health Thu, 23rd February 10:00-10:10 Product theatre Area in The Exhibition Click here.
DiabetesWise Thu, 23rd February 10:10-10:20 Product theatre Area in The Exhibition Click here.
Diatech Diabetes, Inc. Thu, 23rd February 10:20-10:30 Product theatre Area in The Exhibition Click here.
DN Care Thu, 23rd February 12:00-12:10 Product theatre Area in The Exhibition Click here.
GLAICE Thu, 23rd February 12:10-12:20 Product theatre Area in The Exhibition Click here.
GluCare Health  Thu, 23rd February  12:20-12:30 Product theatre Area in The Exhibition Click here.
Happy Bob  Thu, 23rd February  12:30-12:40 Product theatre Area in The Exhibition Click here. CIC  Thu, 23rd February 12:40-12:50 Product theatre Area in The Exhibition Click here.
HEALTH TRAINING LAB SL  Thu, 23rd February 12:50-13:00 Product theatre Area in The Exhibition Click here.
Medtech Concept LLC Thu, 23rd February 14:30-14:40 Product theatre Area in The Exhibition Click here.
Open MedLabs Thu, 23rd February 14:40-14:50 Product theatre Area in The Exhibition Click here.
Replica Health Thu, 23rd February 14:50-15:00 Product theatre Area in The Exhibition Click here.
SmartStart Health Fri, 24th February 10:00-10:10 Product theatre Area in The Exhibition Click here. 
Spotlight-AQ Ltd Fri, 24th February 10:10-10:20 Product theatre Area in The Exhibition Click here. .
BOYDSense Fri, 24th February 10:20-10:30 Product theatre Area in The Exhibition Click here. 
Diabeloop Fri, 24th February 12:00-12:10 Product theatre Area in The Exhibition Click here.
dot.COOL Fri, 24th February 12:10-12:20 Product theatre Area in The Exhibition Click here.
Inreda Diabetic Fri, 24th February 12:20-12:30 Product theatre Area in The Exhibition Click here.
meala GmbH Fri, 24th February 12:30-12:40 Product theatre Area in The Exhibition Click here.
PharmaSens AG Fri, 24th February 12:40-12:50 Product theatre Area in The Exhibition Click here.
RSP Systems A/S Fri, 24th February 12:50-13:00 Product theatre Area in The Exhibition Click here.
Fitterfly Fri, 24th February 14:30-14:40 Product theatre Area in The Exhibition Click here.
SNAQ Fri, 24th February 14:40-14:50 Product theatre Area in The Exhibition Click here.
AMIC Health Fri, 24th February 14:50-15:00 Product theatre Area in The Exhibition Click here.
Defymed Sat, 25th February 11:00-11:10 Product theatre Area in The Exhibition Click here.
DiappyMed Sat, 25th February 11:10-11:20 Product theatre Area in The Exhibition Click here.
Umotif Sat, 25th February 11:20-11:30 Product theatre Area in The Exhibition Click here.
InsulinSaver Sat, 25th February 13:00-13:10 Product theatre Area in The Exhibition Click here.
Diamyd Medical AB Sat, 25th February 13:10-13:20 Product theatre Area in The Exhibition Click here.
Undermyfork Sat, 25th February 13:20-13:30 Product theatre Area in The Exhibition Click here.

Tech Fair Company Profiles

AMIC health

AMIC Health
Camino de Vera s/n
Booth #: TechFair – 45

At AMIC we believe in a world where every child with a chronic disease leads a joyful and fulfilling life.   AMIC is a digital education ecosystem for continuous and playful education of kids, parents, educators, and physicians in understanding and managing chronic diseases such as Diabetes Type 1.   Our core technology is adaptive experimentation in a safe environment using simulators and a medical language understandable for children. AMIC is used for self-learning, in robotic-based educational workshops, and as a monitoring tool for families and medical personnel. When connected with medical devices, AMIC becomes a data-driven truly continuous care ecosystem.

Balance Health

Balance Health
Booth #: TechFair – 47

Balance Health is enabling virtual patient consultations made possible by unique machine learning technology and a team of diabetes clinical experts.  People with diabetes will interact with a virtual specialist, resulting in behavioural modification, improved outcomes and efficient healthcare delivery at scale. We’re meeting people with diabetes where they are.

BOYD Sense

4 rue Brindejonc des Moulinais
Booth #: TechFair – 63

BOYDSense, an award-winning startup with R&D in France and the U.S., is a pioneer in the development of non-invasive breath analysis solutions for monitoring and detection of different biomarkers. BOYDSense is currently developing its first product, a miniaturized breath analyzer for monitoring glucose concentration in pre-diabetics and diabetics.  It detects the type and concentration of volatile organic compounds in breath. The solution is non-invasive, gentle, affordable, and produces significantly less waste compared to existing fingerstick blood glucose or continuous glucose monitors. Diabetes is just the start, other diseases and indications can be detected or monitored, e.g. Ketone, Lactose intolerance or for cancer. It will become a multi analyte platform.


9 rue Albert Calmette
Booth #: Techfair – 65A

Defymed is a worldwide leader in the development of innovative implantable medical devices that change the paradigm of insulin administration. Defymed’s innovations were developed to limit adverse events related to current standard of care based on site specific delivery of therapeutics. Our solutions aim for a precise administration of insulin, in a physiologic site, in order to improve diabetes management and patients’ quality of life. Up to date, two first in class technologies were developed by Defymed : MailPan®, a physiologic cell encapsulation device (derived from stem cells), and ExOlin®, a targeted insulin delivery device (in clinics in France).


Diabeloop SA
Diabeloop SA
Booth #: TechFair – 66

Diabeloop is furthering scientific advances with interoperable self-learning algorithm solutions for diabetes management. Our mission: Making innovation accessible to people living with diabetes: improving clinical results while relieving them of their constant mental burden. DBLG1® System, Diabeloop’s first medical device, is a personalized hybrid closed-loop for Type 1 diabetes management with, at its core, a self-learning algorithm hosted in a dedicated handset that automates and personalizes insulin delivery thanks to artificial intelligence. This solution connects a : DBLG1 handset, that embeds our state-of-the-art algorithm, a CGM, an insulin pump. DBLG1, Diabeloop’s first medical device, is commercially available in several European countries with different partners.


453 Quarry Road
Palo Alto, CA
Booth #: TechFair – 46

DiabetesWise is a free, unbranded, data-driven online resource providing comprehensive tools to explore diabetes devices with regulatory approval. Our mission is to equip people with diabetes and healthcare professionals with the information needed to make informed decisions and increase device uptake. and offer extensive Device Libraries, Wisdom from real users, Comparison Tools, and a Prescription Tool. An unbranded platform is key to broadening awareness and choice and our only bias is that more should be able to access and use devices. DiabetesWise is funded by the Helmsley Charitable Trust and receives no financial support from any device manufacturer.


Diamyd Medical AB
Kungsgatan 29
Booth #: TechFair – 47B

Diamyd Medical develops precision medicine therapies for autoimmune diabetes. Its lead candidate Diamyd®, is an antigen-specific immunotherapy for the preservation of endogenous insulin production and the prevention of progression to symptomatic disease. The Phase III trial DIAGNODE-3 is actively recruiting patients with recent-onset type 1 diabetes in eight European countries and US recruitment is planned for 2023. DIAGNODE-3 is the first Phase III precision medicine trial in autoimmune diabetes where only individuals who, through their genetics, have a high probability of responding to treatment will be enrolled. Development in LADA and long-standing type 1 diabetes are also ongoing.


3 avenue de l’Europe
Booth #: Techfair – 47F

In only 2 years of existence, DiappyMed has developed 2 applications with a food base of 100 000 foods.  Carbohydrate counting with EkiYou carbs : application already used by more than 2000 people in France and recommended by health professionals to their patients.  Insulin dosage with EkiYou dose : medical device in the process of CE marking (available summer 2023) : recommends the personal, safe and accurate insulin dose to be injected. The objective to use data science and artificial intelligences to make insulin dosing available for all patients.  2 companion applications for daily diabetes management : personalized treatment in every patient’s pocket.

Diatech Diabetes

Diatech Diabetes, Inc.
460 S Highland St
Booth #: TechFair – 65

Diatech Diabetes is a medical device startup led by people with diabetes whose mission is to improve the health outcomes of people with diabetes through personalized technology. 1 million patients utilize insulin pumps, yet 97% of pump users experience infusion failures that can cause increased costs and dangerous blood glucose levels. Our solution is SmartFusion™, an infusion monitoring software that detects insulin delivery failure and provides insights on how infusion performance affects diabetes management. SmartFusion™ is compatible with insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors to help reduce the impact of infusion set failure.

DN Care

DN Care
Bosa Addis
Booth #: TechFair – 55

DN Care is a startup company initiated in 2020. The company is working on the development of a portable and accessible device used to diagnose diabetic foot neuropathy and provide a treatment for it. The novel approach to measure foot pressure and foot temperature simultaneously was implemented to properly diagnose one of the complications due to diabetes, diabetic foot ulcer. The light therapy will be given by the device once the confirmation was received from the diagnosis result.


Lutzowplatz 9
Booth #: TechFair – 64

dot.APP is a companion app for the injectable medications that gives users information, updates and other important insights relevant for their medications. dot.SENSE is a smart environmental sensor that monitors the temperature of medications in on the go. It alerts users before their medication reaches a critical temperature and saves them from injecting ineffective medication. dot.BOX is a connected storage companion for temperature sensitive medications. It provides the same level of security as a pharmacy setup, in the comfort of any home. It eliminates all temperature fluctuations, protects from freezing, and ensures that the medications’temperature remains below 46°F in case of power outage or refrigeration failure.


503, Akshar Bluechip Park, Turbhe MIDC
Navi Mumbai
Booth #: TechFair – 61

Fitterfly is a digital therapeutics start-up addressing metabolic health conditions such as diabetes, obesity, PCOS, hypertension and heart disease. Set up in 2016, we are a team of more than 250 people spread across India and passionately working towards achieving best in class health outcomes for our members, employees, doctors and organisations.  Our DTx programs have shown clinical benefit in terms of medication reduction, stress reduction, better control of disease condition, enhanced sleep quality and productivity amongst members. We have presented 50 research papers in international medical conferences and trusted by 1000+ doctors in India. We are well supported by our investors – Amazon, Fireside Ventures, Venture Catalysts and 9Unicorns.


Schellingstraße 151
Booth #: TechFair – 47C

GLAICE offers personalized exercise support to people with type-1 diabetes. Physical activity plays a vital role in type-1 diabetes, improving the overall quality of life and health. However, the disease interferes with essential body functions such as blood glucose control, making exercise challenging and potentially harmful. The GLAICE app offers simple advice on preparing for and safely performing physical activities with type-1 diabetes. This advice is based on safe medical research as well as the uniqueness of each user by tailoring the output using collected user data. This approach can be expanded to other chronic diseases to enable autonomous health improvement for people with chronic diseases.

GluCare Health

GluCare Health
268 Al Wasl Road
United Arab Emirates
Booth #: TechFair – 48

The first hybrid Digital Therapeutics (DTx)+Human vertically integrated metabolic health platform, GluCare.Health is reinventing metabolic care. Conceptualized in the UAE, GluCare empowers clinicians and patients through Continuous Metabolic Monitoring as part of its standard model of care. This innovative and highly personalized ‘continuous healthcare’ approach provides a comprehensive and real-time view of patients. GluCare is also an early adopter of – and the region’s first – clinic to use DTx, combining it with wearable and smart technology, data analytics, in-clinic workflows, a connected expert care team, and applying technology as a humanizing force. Our team partners with patients, giving them tools, knowledge, and continuous support to live healthier lives.

Harald AI
Tekniikantie 12
Booth #: TechFair – 60

Harald AI is a health tech company developing the Happy Bob App that turns real-time health data into engaging and rewarding experiences to improve diabetes self-care adherence and glycemic control while reducing the diabetes mental toll.    With Happy Bob, people with diabetes can follow their real-time glucose values from the Dexcom CGM, with features including real-time notifications messages about glucose, easy tracking of insulin doses and activity, collecting stars when glucose is in range and connecting with others to share values and support.  Happy Bob has thousands of users and is available for download for iOS and Android smart phones and Apple Watch in seven different languages.

PO BOX 10825, (104 Clover Way)
United Kingdom
Booth #: TechFair – 50 aims to ensure every child diagnosed with Type-1 diabetes has access to high-quality and effective education through a Social Enterprise. This is delivered as Deapp, pronounced “Deep”, the Diabetes Education Application.   Deapp is aimed at diabetes education, current models use formal didactic approaches that often encounter barriers to effective education: around numeracy, literacy and ethnicity.  The market opportunity is that our program mandates self-learning within a quality-assured program delivering objective outcomes. Reducing staff time to train patients, better knowledge and understanding of the condition. This has quantifiable health economic benefits over and above current models.  The full release of Deapp app is due in 2023 following its beta trial.

Sendo Diabetes

Booth #: TechFair – 53

Sendo Diabetes is a Personal Coaching system that prescribes personalized nutrition, physical activity, and lifestyle advice. AI-powered and real-time adaptability are the most outstanding features of the platform. The system has a patient App and a platform for health professionals where they access patients’ data and statistics.  We integrate with third parties through open APIs and SDKs. So, our personalized coaching is a perfect companion for any platform helping diabetics to better manage their pathology.  We are a Spanish company with strong previous experience in the health and wellness sectors. Our previous Apps are used by more than 4 M users worldwide.

Inreda Diabetic

Inreda Diabetic
Klavermaten 65-5
7472 DD
Booth #: TechFair – 62

Inreda® Diabetic is passionate to give people with diabetes their life back by improving the quality of life and decreasing the disease burden. Therefore we developed a fully closed loop system (the Inreda® AP®). This bi-hormonal system regulates the blood glucose autonomously, without any intervention of the user, such as meal announcement or activities. Optimizing the blood glucose regulation can reduce the risk of complications and healthcare costs could be diminished.  We continuously strive to improve our products, where people with diabetes are at the center of everything we do.


Furulundsvägen 3
Booth #: TechFair – 40

InsulinSaver is a company dedicated to ensuring that that you with diabetes, will always have safe and usable synthetic insulin. InsulinSaver’s groundbreaking product will monitor the temperature of insulin, several hundreds of times per day, without the user having to even open any app or tool – using the InsulinSaver proprietary algorithm.


meala GmbH
Dolziger Str. 7
Booth #: TechFair – 43

meala empowers patients and helps them improve their daily self-management via peer support as well as the exchange of experiential knowledge. The meala app works like ‘Tripadvisor for diabetes’ – it’s a tracking app with community challenges, within which patients can improve their individual management by testing their own skills in realistic settings and exchanging experiential knowledge with others. These challenges will be accompanied by qualitative research to gather data for studies and to support external research.

MedTech Concept

Medtech Concept LLC
919 North Market Street, Suite 950
Wilmington, Delaware
Booth #: TechFair – 54

Medtech Concept LLC is a healthcare and life science company based in USA focused on diabetes healthcare. Our mission is to improve the health of diabetics by developing innovative medical products. At  Launch we will the only miniature delivery device on the market with multiple patents protecting our lead. MiniPen 2 is the first product on the market that offers a prefillable safety syringe with prevention of reuse. We aim to improve diabetics quality of life by becoming the leading supplier of the best miniature insulin injection safety devices.  SafeVax is our second PCT patented product. A syringe with prevention of reuse that can be used with Luer Lock needles.

Open MedLabs

Open MedLabs
Indian Institute of Science, C.V. Raman Road.
Booth #: TechFair – 47E

Open MedLabs is a start-up from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, that works towards the design, development of medical devices for resource constrained settings.  We believe that leveraging open-source communities maximizes return on investment for the healthcare system, through lower device and service costs. It also allows multiple players/institutions the freedom to operate and test the device independently. This can potentially create a community around the device designs and lead to multiple contributions by independent innovators. In resource-constrained settings like India, open-source designs can also allow patients access to cutting edge technologies at an affordable price point.


PharmaSens AG
Aarbergstrasse 46
Booth #: TechFair – 44

Why are more than 80% of all patients on intensive insulin therapy using syringes and pens for their injections, despite well documented medical benefits by using insulin pumps?  How can we make insulin pump therapy more accessible?  PharmaSens is developing a portfolio of three insulin patch pumps with the aim to make more patients reach their target glucose levels. The niia signature will be one tubeless patch including insulin delivery, glucose monitoring and algorithm for looping.  Come and meet us in the TechFair corner, booth 44.

Replica Health

Replica Health
24 Claver Pl.
Booth #: TechFair – 51

Replica is the search and recommendation engine for your metabolism. By learning from your data, Replica will model how your metabolism reacts to different foods and activities, allowing you to leave out the guesswork and make data driven decisions about insulin doses and treatment changes.

RSP Systems

RSP Systems A/S
Sivlandvænget 27c
Booth #: TechFair – 41

RSP Systems has developed the World’s first truly non-invasive glucose monitoring technology, applied in GlucoBeam and demonstrated in 19 clinical studies with more than 700 participants. RSP Systems uses Raman spectroscopy to which it has developed and patented improvements enabling measurement of glucose concentrations in the interstitial fluid – entirely non-invasively. RSP has a clear and de-risked pathway towards miniaturization in the form of a handheld and wearable device. A non-invasive device has a broad market appeal in diabetes management and the general wellness industry.

Smart Start Health

SmartStart Health
86-90 Paul Street
United Kingdom
Booth #: TechFair – 49

Using continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) should be really easy for people with diabetes – but it’s not. Current models of CGM user education are not scalable and can’t give healthcare teams insights into their patients’ learning. That’s why SmartStart Health is developing SmartStart CGM, an education and onboarding app for CGM users. SmartStart CGM is designed to be easy to use, engaging, relevant, fun, and beautiful. It’s also time-efficient and cost-effective. Starting with people on intensive insulin therapy, SmartStart is on a mission to help people with diabetes have more fun and better health.


Booth #: Techfair – 47D

SNAQ supports people living with diabetes to take the guesswork out of mealtime decisions. The award-winning app helps to count the carbs, protein, and fat content of meals by snapping a photo and supports learning what keeps glucose levels in target range after meals.


Spotlight-AQ Ltd
42 Kilmiston Drive
PO16 8EG
United Kingdom
Booth #: TechFair – 52

We are an exciting and ground-breaking digital health start-up specialising in improving outcomes for people living with long-term conditions and healthcare professionals.    Our mission is to improve the health of people living with diabetes or obesity by providing standardised pre-clinic assessments to streamline workflow, improve communication and reduce HCP burden in routine outpatient remote or face-to-face visits.  Our proven pragmatic solutions include the validated Spotlight-AQ digital health platform facilitating true person-centred healthcare and improved physical and mental health outcomes for adults with type 1 or type 2 diabetes; children with type 1 diabetes and their parents/carers; and for people living with obesity.

12th Floor, WeWork, 10 York Road
United Kingdom
Booth #: TechFair – 42

uMotif’s mission is to put patients at the centre of clinical research. Designed with patients for patients, the uMotif patient-centric eClinical platform powers site-based to fully decentralised clinical, real-world, and post-marketing research. By engaging patients and healthcare professionals, uMotif is trusted by global pharmaceutical companies, biotechs, CROs, and academic institutions to capture eConsent and large volumes of ePRO, symptom, and wearable device data.


111 Pier Avenue Suite 100
Hermosa Beach
CA 90524
Booth #: TechFair – 47A

Undermyfork is a digital healthcare platform for people with diabetes, and for diabetes care providers that helps to make informed lifestyle and therapeutic choices in diabetes management. It includes a mobile app that combines food, insulin, exercise with CGM data, analyzes it and reveals personal Time-in-Range patterns. And there is a web portal for healthcare professionals to access their patients’ data from the app and get automated analytics on the factors influencing their Time-in-Range.