ATTD 2022 Rewind

ATTD 2022 Rewind

Relive the Conference experience

ATTD 2022 was a historic conference!

We celebrated ATTD’s 15th Anniversary and commemorated the Insulin Centennial.

We welcomed over 4,000 participants at our 1st hybrid event, we also had our 1st ATTD Run to overcome inertia, as well as our 1st scientific session led by people with diabetes.

Take a look back at ATTD 2022 by reviewing some of this year’s conference highlights & recordings of all ATTD TV live studio sessions with expert interviews, tech presentations, interesting discussions and more.

ATTD Zone Spots

ATTD – Lilly Insulin Centennial Timeline

ATTD Zoom Background Wall

ATTD TV Live Sessions

ATTD 2022 – TV Studio Session 1

Watch the first daily portion of scientific highlights, interviews and interesting discussions from #ATTD2022. Special interviews with – ATTD Co-Chair Prof. Tadej Battelino and this year’s Keynote Lecture presenter Prof. Stefano Del Prato.

ATTD 2022 – TV Studio Session 2

During the morning broadcast of Day 2, Prof. Dezmond Schatz & Prof. Jay Skyler shared highlights from the 1st plenary session and talked about the importance of discovering insulin, plus a Tech Fair presentation by Panda Insight.

ATTD 2022 – TV Studio Session 3

The Day 2 round-up finished with two special interviews – with Prof Katharine Barnard-Kelly on the relationship between Covid-19 & diabetes, and Prof Stephanie Amiel on ATTD’s 15th Anniversary and how has the Conference impacted the field of diabetes. Plus, some useful tips on what not to miss experiencing when in Barcelona.

ATTD 2022 – TV Studio Session 4

Day 3 was jampacked with exciting sessions and activities, not to miss. We were joined in the live studio by Prof Sadish Garg & Prof Thomas Danne who talked about their respective Yearbook presentations, plus another tech fair product introduction & an exclusive interview with Prof Tadej Batellino after a successful, first ATTD Run.

ATTD 2022 – TV Studio Session 5

The highly-anticipated ATTD Yearbook session on Day 3, presented some of the latest innovations in the diabetes field. In the studio, we were joined by two of the presenters – Marc Clements & David Maash, plus a special interview with the inspirational Jazz Sethi – diabetes professional, advocate, educator and patient – talking about the importance of giving and listening to the voice to PwD.

ATTD 2022 – TV Studio Session 6

On the final day morning show, we invited ATTD 2022 participant Ana Maria Alvarez Pagola, Tech Fair presenter Antoine Barroud, and diabetes patient Andrew Mackover for a special interview. Hear their perspectives on our Conference, on meeting in person, on the new tech innovations and the future of diabetes treatment & care. Plus a reminder of what awaits on Day 4 of ATTD 2022.

More TV sessions coming soon.